About Us


The Australian Dental Outreach Foundation provides oral care to the neediest members of the community, across South Australia. The foundation aims to raise funds for our delivery partners to provide dental services to regional and remotely located school aged children (2-17 years of age), the elderly and individuals including the disabled who suffers the greatest burden of disease.

Services provided are undertaken via mobile dental clinics and performed by Dentists, Oral Health Therapists, Hygienists and Dental Assistants. The program also includes oral health education seminars for patients, schools, carers, professional staff and families alike.

The program’s run by Dental Outreach include:

School’s Program

This program offers mobile dental assessment and treatment services for students within the bounds of school without the inconvenience for parents of having to transport children and teens to clinics

Aged Care Program
This program is the largest aged care program of its kind in Australia and provides onsite dental care services (and education) to aged care facilities.  With extensive experience in tackling the often complex dental requirements of aged care and nursing home residents, our Foundation partners with local clinicians to provide the best local care possible for eligible patients.

Disability Dental Care Program
For patients with physical and intellectual disabilities, our Foundation’s programs can undertake examination, treatment and maintenance to ensure they maintain optimal oral health.  Our program can also train carers in dental disease prevention and home care. With extensive experience in treating patients with physical and intellectual disabilities and having access to either IV Sedation or General Anaesthetic Dentistry at Local Hospitals for eligible special needs patients, our foundation is able to support access to dental care to those in greatest need.

We have a proven track record in supporting the delivery of professional, high quality dental services to metropolitan and regional communities.


Our Foundation has access to the following technologies/techniques which are leveraged to provide dental services for eligible patients, including:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Intra Oral Cameras
  • Tooth Coloured Fillings
  • Dental Implants
  • Invisalign Clear Braces
  • Oral Sedation
  • IV Sedation
  • General Anaesthetic Dentistry